Gaming Hobby

Unreal Tournament 3 (Demo)

It was with much reluctance that I downloaded the Unreal Tournament 3 demo after being urged by a friend. I have played UT in the past and own 2004. It was fun but just a little too knock-off-y of the Quake franchise, nothing special, yet another first person shooter. Although I have to give UT […]

Gaming Hobby

Team Fortress 2

So, I returned to TF2 after working my way through Orange Box (ok, well I had already finished HL2…) Anyway, I think I have made a 180 on this one. I really have to say it's über fun!! Which has increasingly been a problem in modern games. What do I mean? Well I'll tell ya! […]

Personal Rant

A p0x upon teh job search!

Well folks, as a friend recently pointed out, I need to post something all ready. So here's the skinny, as some of you may or may not know, I have most recently been employed by a  large auto-insurance company in North East Ohio. Well due to a relatively flat insurance market over the past few […]