A little bit of fun development

I installed Windows 8 recently and I wanted to check it out and I went to go look at my second monitor to see what time it was and :: frowny face :: that’s right, I forgot. No desktop gadgets, so no timer/clock. Hrmph

Then it occurred to me, “oh yeah, I know how to make that” so I proceeded to grab vs express 2012 from the windows store.

Install on all of our was flawlessly, though I am some what disappointed that they won’t be releasing the windows 8 express version until after the dust from the full blown visual studio 2012 has died down.

Anyway my only options were windows store xaml apps, so I went with a blank one and have a full screen clock now… Fun anyway, tomorrow I’ll try and get it not full screen.


A quick test of WordPress for Android on my phone

This post has absolutely no purpose other then to try out the Android WordPress app which is very nicely done.

I haven’t given it a complete once over, but it’s nice. Could use more support for the plugins, but as far as admining the cite WP features, it will do for sure.

Decent posting interface. Obviously, the biggest drawback is using the phone’s keyboard. Although it isn’t too bad with the Swype keyboard app, which happen to come stock on my phone.

I will say, it’s good enough to dash of a quickie and include media, so hopefully this will help keep the word flowing, which is always good.

I’m surprised you stayed this long, surely there’s something better to do 🙂

Here is a picture of a Coleman cooler to try out the image inclusion.


And for good measure, here is an image of Mario I just happen to have on my phone.