Yup, I got down-sized :-(

  John Minadeo Summary Experienced application developer that has been working in software development  for the past 11 years with a strong focus on database and backend architecture and data transformations in Microsoft centric environments and strong familiarity with their languages and tools.   Skills Can display proficiency with the following skills and in the […]


An unfortunate turn of events

So, apparently my company will be downsizing, with IT taking the brunt of the cuts…  By rough estimation, it’ll end up being around 20%. Doing the math that ends up being 3.5 developers. I am the 4th newest, but the most recent fills a singular specific job that’s not going away, and my gut says […]

Personal Rant

A p0x upon teh job search!

Well folks, as a friend recently pointed out, I need to post something all ready. So here's the skinny, as some of you may or may not know, I have most recently been employed by a  large auto-insurance company in North East Ohio. Well due to a relatively flat insurance market over the past few […]