An unfortunate turn of events


So, apparently my company will be downsizing, with IT taking the brunt of the cuts…  By rough estimation, it’ll end up being around 20%. Doing the math that ends up being 3.5 developers. I am the 4th newest, but the most recent fills a singular specific job that’s not going away, and my gut says he’s safe. Which puts me at #3   🙁

My company is pretty choosy about the hiring process and it’s personnel, and truly, there is no chaff at all to cut. It seems that the only logical choice would in that scenario would be people with the least amount of connectedness which to me suggests “Last In, First Out” (pardon the programmer humor)

At any rate, a great bunch of guys and a very viable company, I hope they do well and that I continue my employ.

Cross your fingers for me folks, I’ll know July 2nd.