A p0x upon teh job search!

Personal Rant

Well folks, as a friend recently pointed out, I need to post something all ready. So here's the skinny, as some of you may or may not know, I have most recently been employed by a  large auto-insurance company in North East Ohio. Well due to a relatively flat insurance market over the past few years, and some less then innovative IT leadership, a decently large re-organization has been undertaken by the company, and in doing so they have decided to eliminate around 250 positions from the Business side (Business Analysts, Product Managers) and a corresponding 250 poistions from the IT side as well. I'm sure it looked good on paper, and to be honest I do believe it was required to truly change direction which is what is needed. At any rate I among with a large number of my breatren had our jobs eliminated on Nov. 15th (Happy Holidays folks!)

So, to make a short story long, I am in search of a job and hence the less frequent updates. My apologies, if any of you wanted to put me on your pay-roll, I promise to get back to more frequent rants 😉