Team Fortress 2

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So, I returned to TF2 after working my way through Orange Box (ok, well I had already finished HL2…)

Anyway, I think I have made a 180 on this one. I really have to say it's über fun!! Which has increasingly been a problem in modern games. What do I mean? Well I'll tell ya! The 3d rendering engines of today are all beautiful, some may handle shadows better, maybe lighting in another is better, pretty particle effects, smoothed high poly-count models. To even be a FPS game today, visually stunning graphics must be included.

But what has happened to the fun? So now that worlds my battles take place in look almost as realistic as the one I live in. Now i'm left in a combat simulation. And while I agree it's “cool”, it's not fun.

Team Fortress 2 has brought the fun back to the FPS! It's cell-shading leaving the game environment rendered somewhat like a comic book is the perfect touch to remind us that, “hey you're killing time playing a game, ENJOY IT Asshat!”

The sound samples and music and announcer voices are sheer genious! Over the top campy sound bites really make the characters feel real. And when the Pyro lights a Soldier on fire, and the soldier is screamming, “fire, Fire, FIRE”, I almost fall outta my chair everytime.

I still am not a fan of class based games, I prefer and equal ground for all players, but it does allow for people to play to their strong points, and enforces team work (which in my opinion shouldn't be required but definitely is in the highly immature world of online gaming (no offense, but ya gotta call a spade a spade.))

Compare that to “Enemy Territory:Quake Wars” offering using Id's latest greatest. Visually stunning, awesome sounding guns, and boring as hell. Not any better then any other Battlefield 1942 style of multi-player combat, just using Id's licensed characters and content. While neat and pretty, just leaves me bored. Quake3 was their crowning achievement, a perfect balance of fun and combat. Big floaty power-ups, smooth movement, fast respawn, perfect. And then they stopped making games for the gamers. Sad, I hope they come to their senses soon! Until then, Team Fortress 2 is it!