A quick test of WordPress for Android on my phone

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This post has absolutely no purpose other then to try out the Android WordPress app which is very nicely done.

I haven’t given it a complete once over, but it’s nice. Could use more support for the plugins, but as far as admining the cite WP features, it will do for sure.

Decent posting interface. Obviously, the biggest drawback is using the phone’s keyboard. Although it isn’t too bad with the Swype keyboard app, which happen to come stock on my phone.

I will say, it’s good enough to dash of a quickie and include media, so hopefully this will help keep the word flowing, which is always good.

I’m surprised you stayed this long, surely there’s something better to do 🙂

Here is a picture of a Coleman cooler to try out the image inclusion.


And for good measure, here is an image of Mario I just happen to have on my phone.


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  1. Sadly, the Facebook app crashed in the background add I hit post which caused the connection to hic-up enough to mess with the camera upload… The wp app got the rest up there as one might have hoped, so at least there’s that.

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