Windows 8 Preview Task Manager Screen Shots

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Well this is more of a bag of screen-shots than a blog post, but check this out. Now this is one nice taskman!

The default opening tab is “Processes” and the CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network throb a darker yellow then there is notable activity

Taskman - Processes

Then the “Performance” tab which has sub views for CPU, Memory, Disk, and Networking

Taskman - Performance - CPU

Taskman - Performance - RAM

Taskman - Performance - Disk

Taskman - Performance - Network

The “App History” tab follows and shows you how your applications are using your machine’s resources

Taskman - App History

The “Startup” tab details the applications that automatically run at startup and tries to assess the impact on start-up (which I assume to mean startup time during a boot or log-in)

Taskman - Startup

The “Users” tab breaks down the currently logged in users and the processes they have spun up and their resource usage.

Taskman -Users

The “Details” tab is the Old School Task Manager’s “Process” view

Taskman - Details

And finally the “Services” tab which details your currently running services

Taskman - Services

And while we are at it, here is a screen shot of the Windows 8 Preview’s “File Copy” dialog

 [Update: 11/16/2010]

I just stumbled on a Task Tray icon that indicated my Location has been accessed. Apparently that ends up in the Event Viewer with Windows8, not terribly fancy but handy. All of the ones in the screen shots below are from Desktop Gadgets, I’m not sure which one which I find disappointing, but maybe I’m missing an easy way to correlate them.

And here are a few of the event viewer. “Sensitive” data has been erased, but it is there if you were doing this yourself.