Reactance 1.3 Beta 7 Released

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Mostly a maintenance release to address a bug in the off-hand grapple. Thanks [CL2] R@ancid Me@t (CL2 Clan Site) for pointing it out. And thank you Evolution (from Quake-Revolution for pointing out it was likely a prediction issue (damn you Q3!)

What happened to 1.3b6 you ask? Well, it actually never happened. It wound up fixing the bug in offhand-grapple, but was no where near the real solution :-/ (they all can't be gems folks…) So, it was sh!t canned in 1.3b7 was born.

Here's a snippet from the ReadMe :

2/28/2008  -Monkk: Fixed broken off-hand grapple. Thanks Evolution for
                 aid in locating the problem and R@ncid Me@t of CL2 for
                 finding it (bastard :P sorry it took so long to fix...). While I
                 was in there I added 2 grapple related cvars (server
                 controlled): mod_grappleDistance and mod_grappleSpeed.
3/2/2008    -Monkk: Completely redid the offhand grapple to not force
                 the sound on the weapon itself, but instead on the hook
                 that is being fired. When one is attached to the wall with
                 the offhand grapple, the grapple continues to make the
                 sound. You will also notice the sound originates from the
                 hook missile. This is due to having no weapon actually firing
                 it. The normal q3 grappling hook weapon gun acts the same
                 as it always has. Also added cvar for
                 mod_ambientWeaponSound which will disable the sounds of
                 the RG, LG, and BFG to grab it =]