If This Then That [ IFTTT.com ] – A MUST try!

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I’ve been hearing about ifttt for a few weeks now so I thought I would pop on by to check it out. To say it is freakin’ amazing is grossly understating the matter.

In a nut shell, the site allows you to pick events supported by various web applications (the This portion of IFTTT) and push information from said event to other various web applications (the That component).

For example, If I post a new blog entry here Then tweet the URL and title of the blog post to my twitter account. If you saw this post on twitter, that is in fact how it got there, it was my first test of the IFTTT.

It supports many web applications such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, RSS feeds, LastFM, Craigslist, SMS messaging, the list goes on an on (No Google+ yet, but I assume it is because the API has not been formally released yet). It’s like playing with legos and you can build exactly what you need.

So far, the best treatment of how it works and examples I’ve seen has been from Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman, his blog post on the matter is terrific: Scott’s IFTTT post

I strongly urge you to investigate ifttt.com!