Two things I heard that I can’t un-hear

Personal Rant

Without further ado, here they are. These both happened years ago, so I’m likely paraphrasing, but here’s they retain the spirit in which they were given.

“If I am going to be spending time reading anyway, I may as well read something that will help my career.” –Timothy Flory

“If it took you ten hours to write a program, and you make $20.00 / hour at your day job. You’d be better off spending that ten hours earning $200.00 and spending $85.00 for an app that does it.” –Craig Lubitz

Well, pretty good advice, that’s for sure. Nothing bad ever happened to anyone for doing either or both of those. More likely, and I can attest first hand to some degree, that both of these has helped me out over the years.

<rant type=”tongue-in-cheek”>

Every damn time I am in a bookstore, or browsing and I come across a tasty fantasy (I’m looking at you Elric of Melniboné) or some sci-fi gem (take a bow Mr. Asimov (mmmm, old school baby)) I am inevitably plagued by Tim’s voice and it honestly makes me feel a bit guilty.

Likewise, every time I feel a little urge to write some not for work code, I think of Craig and feel a bit inefficient.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is completely my own idiosynchrocies, and I have no problem doing things just because I want or need to. They both need to be applied, like anything, with moderation and it’s all good. I guess I’m just surprised that it still happens.


Thanks fellas 🙂