The case of the missing “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” setting on a jailbroken iPhone 3GS


Well, here is an interesting little story that was passed on to me from a friend with a jail-broken iPhone. Complete with screen-shots (nice touch)

So it seems, in the Settings application, the item for “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” was missing. And upon closer examination, so was the Push settings, and likely anything new with the 3.0 OS update. Here is a screenshot of the Settings app in it’s “confused” state (it does look a little off doesn’t it 😉 ) :

web (4)

Well after some digging, and let me tell you it’s not that easy to come up with a search term for this… Suffice it to say, someone forgot something… Not sure if it’s the theme’s fault (see, jail-broken iPhones let you stack on themes to make your phone look just the way you like it. Unfortunately, it’s not without it’s drawbacks and this is likely why Apple has not provided a way for you to do this… Though I find it odd as I could easily see a $1.99 theme in the App store…) At any rate, if you are using Winterboard, and if you are running themes and reading this, you likely are, there is a setting to dis-able themes for anything except the Springboard (which is the main app launcher for the iPhone).

In the Settings application, choose the Winterboard settings and enable “SpringBoard Only” :

web (3)

And as if by magic, the Settings application will look normal again:

web (2)

The side effect it, ONLY the Springboard is themed (main screen) all the apps, do not benefit from the theme if it provides replacement Dialer or Lock screens (etc…) So the beautiful:


Again becomes the mundane:

web (1)

Fortunately, the settings retain their values, you just can’t get to ‘em so you can go ahead and make whatever changes you needed to make and then re-enabling theming for all apps again. It’s annoying and lame… It’s really too bad so much time has to be wasted circumventing apple to be able to do what we want with the devices we paid for.

Update (2009-08-04 9:17 AM): The “Winterboard Settings” item is added to the Settings App by installing the “WinterBoard Settings” package via Cydia or Icy: