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As Rachel and I fly to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit Cristian at school for Dinner at the school restauraunt, Phidon. He has the role of General Manager for this project. As I sit here, I realize I want to write down a few thoughts.

We are on the first leg of our journey, from Cleveland to Atlanta and our first and only layover until the return flight tomorrow night. Our flight boarded around 6:00 am at the Akron-Canton Airport. It’s a smaller airport and much quicker to get through but it’s a farther drive to get there, especially at a quarter to five in the morning; thank goodness Rachel was driving.

I have a window seat and as I write this I am   looking down I to the top of clouds, the view is amazing! My seat is directly next for the engine and I can see most of the wing in my frame of view out of the window and when I look out it, I can’t help but marvel at the engineering that lets us play in places where people aren’t made for.
We must be descending because the clouds below are now closer and larger. The view is amazing, these phone pictures just don’t really do it justice.

Out the window and up

This Is the first airplane trip that Rachel and I have taken together. We have been on trips that involved planes however we both have never been on the same o e at the same time. I (well both of us honestly) have been looking forward to this trip because though short, it’s just her and I traveling now that the kids are old enough and this is some exciting new territory for us as LJ is a sophomore now and will be college bound soon enough, we will be able to travel more and hopefully move somewhere who’s climate agrees better with us.

Looking out the plane window above the cloud line.
Break on through to the other side!

Up here above the clouds, i am reminded that on the ground, when the skies are dark and overcast, just above the clouds, the skies are bright blue and it’s a beautiful day. I hope I can remember that when my feet are back on the ground.
We are descending now to land in Atlanta, GA at around 8:01 am. As we go through the clouds, you can’t see anything but grey out the window; I can only hope the pilot has ways of seeing through this (ok ow they do 😉).


How do you navigate through this pea soup?
How do you navigate through this pea soup?

We’ll be landing soon, here’s hoping the landing gear works!