Hello (again)

Me and Ruby

Hello! Me and Ruby

First, a little about myself. I’m a 39 year old male software developer. I live in the greater Cleveland area of Ohio.

I have a pre-teen son who is the light of my life and truly an amazing little guy (bias aside, I swear 😉 ) He and his mom moved back here from being out of state for 9 years and he just started his second new school in under a year (albeit with a summer off in between) and he’s doing great, I am so proud.

I am divorced and have a very good relationship with my ex-wife, through much work on both sides (believe you me, I can be annoying 😀 )

I live with my girlfriend and her two teen children. Well actually one, as the other is off to college.My son splits his time between his mother and I.

I am also in the process of buying a house. Something I have been quite not interested in for, well, as long as I can remember. There just wasn’t a point until I lived in the same location as my son. Plus I guess I always felt like I wasn’t “Adult” enough. Total cop out, I know but I’ve gotten past that.

I’ve spent the last 3 years primarily doing contracting work in the greater Cleveland area. Times have been tight but me and mine have been making it. The one saving grace it really has is though, no matter how bad a gig might be, you know sooner or later you are done, which makes it not as bad. And when you do actually come in to a nice place with great people, it’s wonderful, but sadly sooner or later, you’re gone.

I play video games (mostly on the PC), and sometimes with an XBox 360 controller (Arkham Asylum 4TW) I primarily enjoy first person shooters, though I can’t stand FPS War Simulation games (like Call of Duty, etc…) It’s a game, I don’t want to be dead after being shot once. I already have that, it’s called Real Life, and the respawn sucks.

There you have it, so anything else you come across on my blog is coming from me, in this place (which I love and would not trade anything for).

I primarily started this blog because I don’t write enough or talk enough about things that are on my mind and I would like to change that.

What about you?