Damn gimicks, aka “The Hat Trick”

Gaming Rant

So I'm minding my own business, restarting my Steam client to check for any game updates and what do I see but this (click the image for the full sized version):

Dirty Cheap Trick

So if you're at all interested in Team Fortress 2, you'll know that a few months ago they introduced the concept of unlockable customization content for the characters in the game, in the form of Hats. They are typically not achievement based but some magical percentage determines if you are eligible to unlock one every hour or so and if you're lucky maybe you get one. Well, I guess it's ok but really who cares, they simply are aesthetic, but I have found exactly ONE hat after many many (far too many) hours of playing… It's annoying when others have a whole bunch of 'em.  But fine, you wait long enough, you get 'em…

Now this, Pre-Order a different game of ours and get a free hat for TF2? I mean, yeah, it's not a bad marketing ploy, but we are all still waiting for an inventory trading system… Which in itself is kinda lame in a FPS… If I wanted a MMORPG, I'd go play one… I'm already grinding on getting lame achievements to get weapons which I will actually use… but hats? Really? That's what you're spending your time on?

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